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    Clients praise ALRUD as a “highly visible, solid player” for its “consistently high-quality, full-service advice and Russian-specific knowledge”.
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    “You can expect something different here from mere generic advice - these guys really try to get to grips with the individual issues affecting a particular case.”

Information and analytical agency PREQVECA published the Rating of investment and legal consultants on the Russian market for the 1st semester of 2015 as part of the / “Mergers and Acquisitions in Russia” project.

Article authored by German Zakharov appears in the magazine "Competition and Law "

What conditions can be considered discriminating? Is the discrimination always illegal? The author considers the situations where the provision of unequal terms for economic entities does not lead to restriction of competition and, on the contrary, when imposing the same terms may reduce the level of competition and consumer welfare.

The author reviews the situations where price discrimination may lead to increased consumer welfare and economic efficiency, concluding that talking about discrimination as a purely illegal phenomenon basing only on the method of formal equality (symmetry) would be unreasonable. Discrimination can have either negative or positive character and should be evaluated comprehensively.