Recent projects
ALRUD Law firm is repeatedly mentioned, by the Best Lawyers rating, among the leaders, and received the highest recommendations on key legal areas. This year, specialists from ALRUD managed to expand their presence in the ranking. For the first time, this year, ALRUD was also named the 2020 "Law Firm of the Year" for expertise in the Labor and Employment Law.

Financial Technology

ALRUD specialists have profound expertise in the field of Financial Technologies and assist both local and international companies. Our vast experience includes advising our clients (including banks and financial institutions) in various types of work connected with Financial Technologies.

Our expertise in the field includes:

  • Regulatory issues including AML implications;
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) procedure;
  • E-money and payments services;
  • E-commerce in financial services;
  • Cyber security and data protection;
  • Data hosting;
  • Technology development;
  • Internet of Things.

We would like to note that we are an active member of the Skolkovo action group for drafting the federal law “On digital financial assets” as well as federal law “On crowdfunding” that would regulate crypto currencies and tokens issuance and circulation. Given our expertise in respective field we advise our clients on the following issues:

  • Advising on general regulatory issues of blockchain, cryptocurrency and tokens in Russia, including with respect to requirements for cryptocurrency market participants (licensing issues) as well as requirements for compliance with AML regulations on cryptocurrency market.
  • Advising on crowdfunding.
  • Advising on taxation in the field of cryptocurrency and tokens.
  • Preparation and commenting on cryptocurrency sale and purchase contracts as well as documentation for the issuance of tokens (ICO).
  • Assisting in preparation of smart contracts.

ALRUD maintains close contacts with the law communities worldwide and our specialist actively participate in various industry events including:

  • Foreign conferences of International association (AIJA) as a speaker where advised on certain legal points of regulation with respect to crypto currency fr om the Russian law perspective.
  • Improvement of Russian draft law “On digital assets” (crypto currency and tokens) and Russian draft law “On crowdfunding”.
  • Numerous workshops arranged by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Skolkovo Innovation Center.
  • Workshops of the Bank of Russia which is regulatory authority with respect to financial and monetary politics in Russia wh ere assisted with amendments with respect to laws and regulations on cryptocurrencies.