Anton Karpenko

Anton Karpenko

Anton Karpenko
Recent work

Anton Karpenko is an attorney of the Intellectual Property (IP) Practice, as well as an expert in the Telecommunications, Media and Technologies and Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries of ALRUD Law Firm.

Anton's experience includes, in particular, advising on the protection of intellectual property. This encompasses counteracting the distribution of counterfeit products, advising on compliance of advertising with the State regulations, conducting legal audits of companies regarding their intellectual property activities and structuring complex contractual relations for software distribution in Russia. Also, he advises on the launches of media services in the Russian Federation, including audio-visual services.

In addition, Anton is experienced in advising clients, from the healthcare sector, on various legal issues. Among these have been consultations on the regulatory framework for medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices, as well as the regulation of advertising and promotional activities, in relation to medicines and dietary supplements in the Russian Federation.

Anton joined ALRUD in 2017.

Anton graduated from the Faculty of Law of the National Research University 'Higher School of Economics' (HSE) with a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in 'Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law'.

Recent projects

Include advising and representing

A well-known international manufacturer of luxury jewelry

in relation to the fight against the spread of counterfeit products.

An international software development and production company

on asset verification, risk mitigation and software rights verification.

An international IT company

on structuring a scheme for software distribution in the Russian Federation.

An international software development company

on obtaining and confirming intellectual property rights, created by the company's employees.

An international technology corporation

on the regulation of media and audiovisual services, to launch the service in the Russian Federation.

A well-known international distributor of medicines

on the regulation of the medicines’ labeling system.

A well-known manufacturer of dietary supplements

on the regulation of cryoprotectants, used in the production of dietary supplements.

A Japanese innovation company

on the legality of using unique Soviet patents, in the field of waste processing, during space flights.

A well-known international manufacturer of medicines

on the implementation of the Global Access to Medicines Program, regarding unregistered medicines in the Russian Federation.

A major manufacturer of toys and board games

on a number of legal issues, including analysis of advertising campaigns and promotional events. Also, he advised on the structuring of a scheme for holding official collectible card games (CCI) tournaments, in educational institutions.

A Swiss technology company

on the provision of unique equipment for labeling goods, and licensing the corresponding rights, for the implementation of the Chestny Znak labeling system.

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