Regulatory Practice plays an important role in guiding our clients through administrative regulations and procedures established by the Russian legislation and state authorities, and is engaged in an array of projects related to licensing, product compliance confirmation, product liability and consumer rights protection, advertising, environmental and industry safety requirements, etc. An important part of our current work relates to consulting our clients on the developing legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia which Technical Regulations have major influence on importation of consumer products to the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

ALRUD advantage is based on complex and multidisciplinary approach to the clients’ issues in the field of regulatory legislation and practices, close cooperation with different practices, ability of our lawyers to work with scientists and technical experts in order to provide innovative legal solutions to complex technical projects, as well as constantly developing expertise in different industries.

Our Services

  • Advising on the protection of consumers’ rights and liability for the products, assistance and support in case of disputes with consumers
  • Advising on customs regulations, export control and the legislation of the developing legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia (EAEU)
  • Advising on sanctions, preparing drafts of legislative proposals and strategies
  • Advising on environmental regulations and industry safety requirements
  • Assisting in resolution of administrative cases with controlling authorities, including support during inspections and court proceedings advising on advertisement and labelling of different products, including light industry product, alcohol, medicines and food products
  • Advising and providing legal support in obtaining of licenses and permits related to different industries and products, including pharma, agriculture, automotive and machinery construction industries, light industry, food & beverages, chemicals and enzymes, IT and telecommunications, etc.
  • Advising and preparing educational materials and workshops for pharmaceutical companies on dealing with health care professionals
  • Assessing regulatory risks and requirements in relation to the business projects and transactions

ALRUD serves clients from diverse industries: energy and infrastructure, mining, banks, consumer goods and retail, investment management, government and public, healthcare, life sciences and chemicals, industrials, insurance, technology, media and telecoms, transport and logistics.

Highlights of recent domestic and international work

The international company producing medicines and healthcare products

on registration of medical devices issues including the requirements to technical and operational documentation.

The largest producer of generic drugs in Canada

on the regulatory issues of clinical trials in Russia and provided amendments to agreements on the execution of clinical trials.

The pharmaceutical company specialized in developing and manufacturing homeopathic medicines

during the process of establishment of Russian company, including licensing and advertising issues.

One of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States

on licensing requirements for telecommunications.

One of the largest electronics manufacturers in Korea

in connection with consumer complaints regarding the disclosure of information about product properties at the time of purchase.

The Japanese telecommunications operator and navigation service provider

on the launch of the navigation application on personal data protection and regulatory requirements.

One of the world’s largest producers of coffee

on issues of import of different types of products, including certification, licensing, technical regulation and etc.

Foreign manufacturer of cosmetics

regarding the use of live microorganisms in cosmetics.

Transnational jewelry company

regarding determination of country of origin.

One of the leading energy companies in the world

on usage and recycling of waste oil.

World leader in plant’s biotechnology

in all regulatory issues related to the import of seeds.

The Russian office of one of the leading world universities

in relation to the investigation of public prosecutor on issues of license requirements and the activity of non-commercial organizations.

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