Margarita Egiazarova

Margarita Egiazarova

Senior Associate, PhD in Law
Margarita Egiazarova

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Margarita Egiazarova provides priceless support in preparation of evidence and especially in hearings in a labour dispute. She has deep knowledge and wide experience in labour cases, and impressive confidence as a representative at hearings.

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Margarita is a Senior Associate in the Labour and Employment Practice at ALRUD Law Firm.

Margarita offers a broad range of services to the Russian and foreign clients ranging from preventive advice and general consultations including cross-border matters and complex global mobility projects to structuring of conflict and mass layoffs, disciplinary cases and dismissals, reduction of personnel, liquidation of companies and the transfer of employees. Margarita is the key person dealing with labour litigation at every stage from out-of-court conflict settlement to the representation of clients in the highest courts. Margarita also provides full support for investigations, including interdisciplinary regulation issues (corporate, labor, and criminal law).

Margarita joined ALRUD Law Firm in 2015.

Margarita graduated with honors from Moscow State Institute of International Relations, specializing in International Private Law and Oil and Gas Sector Regulatory Management. In 2018 Margarita gained her PhD in Law degree focusing on cross-border employment relations. Fluently speaks English and German.

Margarita is a member of IBA, international business associations and AIJA. She is an active member of the Association of European Business (Migration Committee), The American Chamber of Commerce (HR Committee).

Margarita’s client’s base includes clients in a wide variety of industries, from energy and transportation to healthcare and consumer products providers to IT and finance.

Includes advising and representing:

One of the largest transnational manufacturers of telecommunications equipment

in a complex project comprised of conflict dismissal of the employee, investigation, and litigations which ended up in the Supreme Court of Russia by complete win of the client.

A large US cosmetics, skin care, perfumery and personal care company

in 10 labour disputes with employees across Russia. Employees were requesting re-employment, significant compensation for lost earnings, compensation for regional benefits, bonuses, etc. The complexity of the case was that the employees formed a union and also lodged complaints with the state labour inspection services in various regions of the Russian Federation.

The multinational and global manufacturer of welding products

in successful defense through two audits of state authorities. One of the audits was linked to a complaint to the migration authorities and related to the company's accusations of violating the procedure for hiring and inviting foreigners to Russia, another to labour-related issues.

The international research company

in the complicated and extraordinary court case with the ex-employee claiming unfair dismissal. The employee was dismissed due to repeated gross misconduct constituted inappropriate behaviour and harassment.

US based multinational and a global manufacturer of industrial products

in 5 labour disputes in different regions of Russia, audits of state authorities, immigration formalization of expat experts, conflict dismissals and internal structuring of HR compliance.

The largest cosmetics company

with conducting a cross-border internal investigation based on the whistle-blower complaint related to gender bullying, unfair pressure and forcing of employment termination.

International telecommunications company

in complex negotiations over the dismissal of a conflicted employee who was on maternity leave. Was able to successfully negotiate a termination agreement on terms most favourable to the business.

A lead company, engaging in construction activities

in setting up the required employment, migration, and regulatory documents and policies at the stage of entering the Russian market via its newly established subsidiary.

Russian largest manufacturer of roofing materials

in comprehensive cross-border project related to elaboration on the best business-oriented solution for implementing the restrictive covenants which are limited in enforceability in Russia.

A leading global aggregator of mobile transport services based in China

during the process of entering the Russian market, providing comprehensive support in all areas of employment, migration, data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Major international media holding

in structuring labour relationship, development, and implementation of global policies, in operational questions related to labour law, including training courses for our client’s employees.

Russian office of the international agriproduct supplier

in the course of bringing expat experts to Russia in course of COVID-19 restrictions.

The multinational corporation headquartered in the US

in a very sensitive and complex cross-border investigation. The investigation was based on an allegation of compliance by one of the company's senior officials with respect to the company's espionage.

A foreign shipping company

in negotiations the dismissal of a pre-retirement employee from his position as branch manager. Negotiations were complicated by the fact that the employee had held the position for more than 20 years and demanded more than 40 months' salary for the termination of the contract.

Margarita Egiazarova spoke at the CCI France HR Committee meeting
On February 15, 2024 CCI France Russie HR Committee held a meeting themed: “Recent case law in HR”. Margarita Egiazatova, Senior Associate in the Labour and Employment Practice at ALRUD Law Firm, PhD in Law, participated in the meeting and spoke on the topic: “Risk management and practical aspects of commercial secrets protection in relationships with employees: disputes resolution conclusions on labour disputes”. During her presentation Margarita drew participants’ attention to practical aspects of non-disclosure introduction and behaviour, explained when non-disclosure obligation is considered to be imposed, specified liability for commercial secrets disclosure and clarified the specifics of an employee dismissal for a commercial secret infringement.
20 February 2024
Registration for the annual HR conference “The Future of Human Resources: Beyond the Breaking Point” to be held on 14 March 2024 is now open
On 14 March 2024 the AEB Human Resources Committee will hold its annual HR Conference ”The Future of Human Resources: Beyond the Breaking Point”. Margarita Egiazarova, PhD in Law, Senior Associate of ALRUD Labour Practice, will speak at the Labour Law Sub-Committee session on ”Practice of employment termination in an era of economic turmoil: changing trends in decisions of the higher Russian courts”. AEB HR conference " The Future of Human Resources: Beyond the Breaking Point” will be focused on the practices applied by leading companies in the sectors of compensations & benefits, recruitment, assessment, training & development, and labour law. The conference will include three parallel sessions hosted by the AEB Recruitment & Relocation Sub-Committee, Compensation & Benefits Sub-Committee, and Assessment, Training & Development and Sub-Committee, and also a session prepared by the AEB Labour Law Sub-Committee. The following topics will be discussed in the parallel sessions: New reality in recruitment - new challenges and solutions Supporting organizational transformation through the prism of talent assessment, learning and development To be confirmed You can register and request additional information from the organizer, Polina Skorovarova E:
22 January 2024
Margarita Egiazarova took part in the AIJA labour committee meeting in Paris
Margarita Egiazarova, Senior Associate of ALRUD Labour Practice, PhD in Law, took part in the AIJA labour committee meeting at its semiannual conference in Paris. At this prestigious event the participants discussed sustainability and values of the legal profession in the changing global landscape. Margarita’s participation in the event furthered international cooperation and sharing experience within the global legal community. The event was centered on key issues of legal industry and common welfare, including sustainability. These discussions are very important for development of legal profession and sharing knowledge. Here you may find detailed information about the event.
18 December 2023
Andrey Zharskiy and Margarita Egiazarova Spoke at the AEB Webinar
On August 18, the AEB Legal Committee held a webinar “Crisis Update: Sanctions and Countermeasures. Interim Management: Implications for Companies and Personnel”. Andrey Zharskiy, AEB Finance and Investments Committee Chair, ALRUD Partner, spoke on the topic “Interim Management under President’s Decrees: General Implications and Risks”. Margarita Egiazarova, Senior Associate in the Labour and Employment Practice at ALRUD, covered the implications for CEOs and top management. More details of the webinar are available at the organiser’s website.
21 August 2023
ALRUD experts held the webinar «New regulatory landscape: interim administration and update on ‘exit conditions’»
On July 27, our firm held a webinar dedicated to the comprehensive summary of the most recent regulatory risks that foreign investors from “unfriendly jurisdictions” encounter in Russia. At the webinar our team provided participants with valuable practical advice and clarifications, shared their expertise on the example of Unipro, Fortum, Carlsberg and Danone cases and covered the following topics: {{•}} Regulatory update; {{•}} New presidential decrees on interim administration; {{•}} New requirements of Governmental Subcomission. The speakers of the webinar were: German Zakharov, Partner and Head of Competition/Antitrust Practice, Andrey Zharskiy, Partner and Head of Corporate / M&A Practice, Margarita Egiazarova, Senior Associate in the Labour and Employment Parctice. More information on the services and expertise of ALRUD's team can be found here.
31 July 2023
Margarita Egiazarova participated in the AIJA Annual Labour Law Conference
Margarita Egiazarova participated in the AIJA Annual Labour Law Conference and Corporate and M&A Commission Seminar held in New York. Margarita Egiazarova, Senior Associate of ALRUD Labour Practice, PhD, has been an active member of the organizing committee for several years, contributing significantly to the preparation of this important event. She was responsible for overseeing the academic program and coordinating panel sessions. The conference brought together more than 165 participants from 32 countries, demonstrating its global appeal, to discuss various labor law issues on an international and comparative level. The attendees also delved into the intricacies of labor relations within the framework of mergers and acquisitions. The emphasis was on ensuring equal pay, promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace, and exploring alternative methods for resolving labor disputes. The conference enhanced connections with the global legal community, broadened opportunities for networking, and facilitated the exchange of valuable knowledge and experience. In addition to fostering professional development, the conference also provided a platform for strengthening relationships within the international legal community, expanding networks, and exchanging valuable insights and experiences. Reflecting on the experience, Margarita shared, “It's an honor to be a part of the organizing committee for such a significant international event. I'm confident that our deliberations and findings will contribute meaningfully to advancements in labor law in a global context”.
21 June 2023
Corporate transactions. Key labour issues
Business reorganization is a commonly utilized strategy to enhance efficiency and reduce costs within a business. Reorganization not only impacts corporate changes, but also has an effect on labour relations, which can pose certain risks. We have summarized the key labour issues that illustrate the red flags associated with corporate transactions, along with practical issues that should be taken into consideration.
06 June 2023
Margarita Egiazarova and Maria Nevezhina prepared a review for WSG
The World Service Group (WSG) has recently released a review that focuses on the topic of whistleblowing in the context of labour relations. The review covers 21 European countries, including Russia. The regulation of the labour field in Russia was addressed by Senior Associates of ALRUD Labor Practice, Margarita Egiazarova, PhD in Law and Maria Nevezhina, PhD in Law, who provided their expert guidance on the topic. The professionals disclosed the details pertaining to the regulation of labour relations in the context of whistleblowing. They explained on the safeguarding of the labour rights of whistleblowers, as well as the actions taken against employees who have engaged in misconduct. The review is accessible in the English language.
16 May 2023
ALRUD experts provided sophisticated support to an international company in connection with the suspension of operations in Russia
ALRUD team developed and implemented viable solution aiming at suspension of Russian operations of an international manufacturer and wholesaler of industrial goods for the wood-processing sector. The project was handled by an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, who, based on a strategic analysis of the rapidly changing circumstances, supported the client in a large-scale dismissal of employees, replacement of top management, restructuring of financial funds, termination of commercial contracts with counterparties and optimisation of the overall presence in Russia. ALRUD employment practice experts defended the company in a conflict with an employee and represented the employer during an unscheduled inspection by the State Labour Inspectorate. The project was run by Margarita Egiazarova, Senior Associate, PhD. Leading Partner - Andrey Zharsky, Partner, PhD in Law, Advocate in Russia, Solicitor in England and Wales. ALRUD team consisted of lawyers from the Labour Law, Data Protection & Cyber Security, Tax, Corporate and Commercial law practices.
06 April 2023
Margarita Egiazarova and Maria Nevezhina spoke at the PravoTech webinar
On 30 March PravoTech held a webinar on 'Crisis Trends in Labour Disputes: from Prevention to the Supreme Court'. Experts from ALRUD Labour Practice - Margarita Egiazarova, Senior Associate, PhD., and Maria Nevezhina, Senior Associate, PhD - spoke at the webinar. The experts covered the following topics: Pre-employment due diligence as a tool for preventing labour disputes; Court practice on employees due diligence during the employment relationship; Development of court practice in disputes on redundancy and redundancy payments; Development of court practice in dismissal disputes for breach of discipline: absenteeism as a reflection of consequences of relocation. The event was attended by 250 participants from various industries.
03 April 2023
Best Lawyers 2022 recommends Margarita Egiazarova for Labor and Employment Law.
The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East&Africa 2021 recommends recommends Margarita Egiazarova for Employment.
Best Lawyers 2021 recommends Margarita Egiazarova for Labor and Employment Law.
The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East&Africa 2020 recommends recommends Margarita Egiazarova for Employment.
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