Administrative Law and Regulatory Compliance

Administrative Law and Regulatory Compliance


Our Services

  • Analysis, development, implementation, and subsequently maintenance of existing policies and regulations for complying with the customs, licensing, environmental, and sanctions requirements.
  • Development of strategies to launch new products in compliance with all regulatory requirements applicable in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.
  • Analysis of a client's activities to identify and mitigate regulatory risks.
  • Advising our clients on interaction with regulatory authorities and conducting trainings on the concerned topics.
  • Advising our clients on compliance with sanctions legislation.
  • Analysis of our client's activities, including logistic structures, pricing and trade policies, for risks associated with trade remedies (anti-dumping, safeguard, and countervailing duties).
  • Consulting on and representing the clients in relation to interests during anti-dumping, safeguard and countervailing trade investigations in the Eurasian Economic Union and abroad.

Key contact

Highlights of recent domestic and international work

A Brazilian company

on import and export risks associated with the introduction of federal law on counter-sanctions in Russia.

A European company

on sanctions risks in terms of Russian legislation.

A US client

on sanctions legislation as part of the acquisition of a Canadian sales company in Russia.

An international business-equipment manufacturer

on sanctions legislation relating to its Russian assets.

One of the world's leading energy companies

on the use and disposal of oil wastes.

One of the world's largest aluminum producers

on the export of ilmenite concentrate (titanium alloy).

One of the world's famous household goods manufacturers

on the legal regulation of a trade of highly concentrated hydrochloric acid (precursor) in the Russian Federation so that it can be used to manufacture goods.

A world-renowned fashion industry manufacturer

on compliance with Russian consumer protection legislation when launching an e-commerce project in Russia.

The largest Canada's generic drug makers

on the legal requirements for conducting clinical trials in Russia and brought clinical trial agreements in line with Russian legislation.

A leading global plant biotechnology producer

on various issues related to seed import.

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