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Anastasia Petrova is a Counsel in the Labour and Employment, Corporate, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Practices of ALRUD Law Firm.

Anastasia provides comprehensive support on all issues of labour law, including internal investigations and compliance, by companies and their employees, with internal policies and procedures, the introduction of electronic document management in the HR processes of companies. Anastasia has significant experience in supporting clients on labour issues during M&A transactions.

Anastasia advises on a wide range of complex issues in the field of confidentiality and data protection, cybersecurity, and legislation in the field of information technology, including the structuring of data flows with a cross-border element, the legal assessment of products and technologies that are based on data management, and the construction of data ecosystems, compliance with the Yarovaya Law, legislation on critical information infrastructure and industrial regulation.

Anastasia manages projects for conducting comprehensive audits of companies' processes, involving data management, and assists clients in eliminating the risks identified during the audits.

She has experience in ensuring compliance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation by Russian companies and Russian subsidiaries of European companies.

Anastasia has significant practical experience in legal support to clients operating in Telecom, IT, banking and finance, medicine and pharmaceuticals industries.

Anastasia graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities.

She joined the ALRUD team in 2010.

Anastasia is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA).

Recent projects include advising:

One of the largest Russian air carriers

during the audit of personal data processing, where she was involved in an audit performed by an international group of lawyers, and during the work to bring these processes into compliance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

An international telecom operator

where she provided comprehensive legal support to the entrance into the Russian market to render telecommunication services in Russia, in particular, on licensing telecom activities, compliance with the legislation on the sovereign Russian Internet, and compliance with anti-corruption legislation.

An international manufacturer of cassettes, vinyl, LCD screens, insulation and other products

on a balanced approach to compliance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Russian legislation.

The largest German airline

on the requirements of the Russian legislation on data protection and national security, related to the implementation of its activities.

An international payments system

on a number of issues related to compliance with data protection legislation and cybersecurity for payment systems, as well as on the implementation of an internal hotline for reporting violations (whistleblowing), and provided legal support for its implementation.

A major U.S. software developer for telecom operators

on all employment law issues, arising from acquisitions in Russia, including pre-transaction HR audits, regulations, asset/company acquisition agreements, personnel structuring agreements, and bringing the policies of acquired companies into line with the laws and customer requirements after transactions.

A leading international developer and supplier of medical products

on compliance with Russian data protection legislation, including requirements for the localization of personal data of Russian citizens, when using SAP software. Also provided legal support for the legalization of cross-border flows of employee data, during the use of SAP.

A Swiss group specializing in the sale of electronic cooking devices

on applicable requirements of legislation on personal data protection, currency regulation, and consumer protection, in connection with the planned launch of an online platform with recipes, a mobile application and sales of electronic devices in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

An American financial company

on the disclosure of personal data of Russian citizens to foreign regulators in the U.S. and the UK.

An international cosmetics company

during the inspection of Roskomnadzor, and in the course of eliminating the identified violations, in the field of the data protection legislation.

A number of clients, including the world leader in the production of cosmetics and perfumes

on the implementation of electronic document management and electronic communication, when interacting with employees. Supported the development of legal documentation, necessary for the introduction of electronic document management and electronic communication with employees.

A manufacturer of telecommunications equipment

on a wide range of complex issues of the labour law, including the conducting an investigation into the creation, by an employee, of an information resource that harms the company's reputation, support to the dismissal of this employee for a single gross breach of employment duties, expressed in the disclosure of personal data, successful support of litigations with this employee in 3 (three) instances.

A number of clients, including an international payment system

on the evaluation of their products and services, based on data processing, including a scoring service, for compliance with data protection legislation. She also provided support in the preparation and negotiation of a data processing agreement, in connection with the provision of scoring services with the client's partner, to reduce potential risks of the violation of data protection legislation.

Concise and to the point with ALRUD: HR & DIGITAL (№18)
The Russian government has approved draft amendments to the Russian Criminal Code that increase the severity of punishment for leaks of personal data (“PD”) The amendments have changed slightly compared with the version adopted in the first reading. The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) proposed mitigating liability for leaks and editing the wording so that penalties are imposed only in the event of the leakage of (1) data of 50 or more PD subjects, or (2) information about people’s private life, personal or family secrets, special categories of PD, or biometric PD. The Ministry of Justice opposed such amendments, arguing that restricting the number to 50 PD subjects would result in attackers intentionally splitting up databases with leaked PD, while those who leak the PD of fewer people would be able to avoid criminal punishment. Under the draft law, if a violation results in severe consequences, the guilty parties may be punished with a fine of up to 3 million RUB (approximately 32,730 USD or 30,476 EUR) and maximum prison sentence of up to 10 years, as well as forced labour and deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities. We are closely monitoring the consideration of this draft law and will keep you posted about the latest news. Russia may soon have a mechanism to compensate for damages caused by the leakage of PD The Federation Council has drafted a bill on mandatory insurance for PD leaks. The law would clearly specify not only the insurance amount, limits and list of risks, but also a list of exceptions that should not be set by the actual insurance companies. We understand that the legislators’ main goal is to encourage companies to pay closer attention to their IT infrastructure, in part to ensure the best possible protection of stored PD or to refuse to process it if it is not required for business. Growing number of PD-related legal disputes The number of disputes over the illegal use of PD is on the rise in Russia: since the start of 2024, their number has already increased by 17% compared with the beginning of 2023. There were a total of 17,400 cases across the country in 2023, an increase of 23% from 2022. Last year, the greatest dynamics in this regard were seen in administrative and criminal cases. The disputes under the Russian Criminal Code concern the illegal receipt of PD about a particular person, which is due to increased attention to the problem of growing terrorist threats. Businesses, in turn, face claims from employees about the reliable storage of their information and the legality of processing their PD. On the one hand, this poses reputational risks, while, on the other hand, it attracts the attention of the Russian PD authority (Roskomnadzor). We recommend that data controllers regularly conduct an audit of the processes of PD processing to bring them into compliance with the requirements of law and minimize financial, operational and reputational risks.
17 May 2024
Anastasia Petrova speaks at AmCham HR-Conference
On 24 April 2024 the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (“AmCham Russia”) held its annual HR-Conference ”Adapting HR to a Changing World”. Anastasia Petrova, Of Counsel in ALRUD Labour and Employment Practice, spoke on the topic: ”Artificial Intelligence: Legal Aspects in Labour Relations”. In her speech the expert addressed the following issues: Concept of AI in the legislation; Initiatives relating to AI in Russia and abroad; Risk of discrimination when using AI; Targeted job advertisements; Risks of recognizing AI use as inadmissible; Admissible spheres of AI application in HR; Court practice: application of AI in HR; Case on deepfake, works made for hire and AI. Anastasia also reviewed the basic principles of personal data processing, identified roles and challenges related to use of AI, and told about the legal risks and protection of personal data when implementing AI. During the conference experts discussed legal and administrative aspects of HR management, covered the issues of innovations, HR-strategy, and corporate branding. The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham) is the leading international business association in Russia. Founded in 1994, AmCham advocates for the interests of the largest American corporations, Russian companies, as well as companies from Europe and Asia. The mission of AmCham is to promote the development of a sustainable market environment conductive to business operations in Russia.
25 April 2024
Anastasia Petrova - Co-Chair of AmCham Compliance Committee
We are glad to announce that Anastasia Petrova, Of Counsel in ALRUD Labour and Employment Practice, has been elected a Co-Chair of AmCham Compliance Committee! In her new capacity, Anastasia addressed the meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce Compliance Committee held on 13 March 2024. The event was held in a hybrid format: participants could attend both online and in-person. The following topics were covered at the meeting: Sanctions compliance development in 2023 and key issues to focus on for the moment; Impact of the 12 EU sanctions package on the compliance in the sphere of IT and personal data processing. We congratulate Anastasia and wish her success in professional advancement! The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham) as founded in 1994. AmCham advocates for the interests of the largest American corporations, Russian companies, and also companies from Europe and Asia. AmCham’s mission is to promote the development of a sustainable market environment conductive to business operations in Russia.
25 March 2024
TMT Legal Digest: "Key regulatory news in the TMT industry from June 2023 to February 2024"
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to share with you an updated digest of the most significant laws and bills and regulatory innovations in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications sector for the period from June 2023 to February 2024, as well as trends in the future regulation of this industry. The TMT industry is currently experiencing significant regulatory pressure with changes constantly being made for both its service providers and the customers who use their products. As such, the regulation of hosting providers’ operations in Russia indirectly extends to a large number of companies that use the services of foreign providers. Given the growing role of information technology in the economy and the resulting threats to data security, there is an obvious trend towards regulating the TMT industry, searching for solutions to ensure the greater security and transparency of processes in the online environment, as well as increased liability for violations of requirements for individual players, such as social networks, hosting providers, people who work with biometric data, as well as the rules for working with information. The changes affect both major players on the Russian and international markets, as well as small companies that are forced to provide virtually the same level of response. This digest presents current legislative and regulatory changes in the TMT sector, namely in information technology, media content, advertising, personal data, telecommunications, e-commerce, retail, and antitrust regulation. It provides details about the main changes and initiatives over the past year, as well as the key findings of law enforcement practice in this regard.
18 March 2024
ALRUD held the webinar “Internal Investigations: Personnel Liability and Best Practices”
On 14 December ALRUD held the ”Internal Investigations: Personnel Liability and Best Practices” webinar on the labour, civil, and criminal law issues in the course and in the wake of internal investigations. Magomed Gasanov, Partner, ALRUD Advocate, PhD in Law, and Anastasiya Petrova, ALRUD Of Counsel, explored the following topics: What is an internal investigation and why does the business need it? Common mistakes in conducting internal investigations Gathering necessary evidence Internal investigations issues related to personal data Personnel liability resulting from internal investigations
19 December 2023
Anastasia Petrova spoke at AmCham Russia's annual HR-conference
On 11 April, the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia («AmCham Russia») held its annual HR conference 'Adapting HR to a Changing World'. Anastasia Petrova, Of Counsel of ALRUD Labour Practice, spoke on 'Legal aspects of international relocation of employees'. In her speech Anastasia covered legalization of relations with employees who left the country, and touched upon the issues of sanctions, migration, and tax regulation, as well as reclassification of legal relations from civil to employment. Anastasia also mentioned cross-border transfer of personal data. The conference consisted of three sessions, during which the experts discussed legal and administrative aspects of personnel management, touched upon innovation, HR strategy, and corporate branding. You can read more about the conference here.
12 April 2023
ALRUD Labour Practice experts upheld success at the Fourth General Court of Cassation in a labour dispute with an election commissioner employee
On December 1st the Labour Practice team successfully proved the success of a 9 month complicated redundancy case involving the dismissal of a protected election commissioner employee in the Fourth Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction. ALRUD team working on the project included labour dispute experts Margarita Egiazarova, Senior Associate, PhD and Ekaterina Bronitsyna, Associate, as well as Anastasia Petrova, Labour and Employment Practice Of Counsel of ALRUD. The project was led by ALRUD Labour and Employment Practice Partner Irina Anyukhina. The details of the case are provided here.
07 December 2022
Experts of the Labour Practice held a face-to-face meeting of the HR Club
On 8 September experts of the Labour Practice held a face-to-face meeting of the HR Club titled "Innovations in the Law on Personal Data and their impact on HR processes”. The speakers were: Irina Anyukhina, ALRUD Partner, Anastasia Petrova, Of Counsel, and Egiazarova Margarita, Senior Associate. During the meeting, the experts together with the participants discussed major changes in the legislation on personal data, and shared practical recommendations for reviewing the processing of personal data and internal corporate compliance system. During the event, HR-club members discussed the most critical issues related to the major changes in the regulation of personal data: Extraterritoriality of the Law on Personal Data New procedure for transborder data transfer Expansion of scope of duties of controllers and processors of personal data Additional guarantees for personal data subjects Clarification of requirements to local policies and consents to personal data processing Breach of the personal data processing procedure: court practice Trends in law enforcement practice Recommendations and deadlines for compliance procedures
09 September 2022
ALRUD experts held a webinar "Anti-Crisis HR Management"
On May 19 experts of ALRUD Labour Practice held a webinar 'Anti-Crisis HR Management'. The experts at the event were Irina Anyukhina, ALRUD Partner, Anastasia Petrova, Of Counsel, and Margarita Egiazarova, Senior Associate. The expansion of sanctions has forced many companies to address a range of challenges that significantly affect their business activities in Russia. Economic, financial, logistical, legal and compliance issues directly impact human resource management. The companies need to find anti-crisis human resources solutions that will allow them to safely and efficiently manage people and remain compliant with the rapidly changing legal landscape. As tensions grow on the labor market, the involvement of government authorities in human resource management issues has also intensified. Today, not only supervisory, but also other executive authorities actively interact with private companies and their officials, conduct unscheduled inspections and request explanations about their current activities. Despite the rather widespread termination of employees, some industries are suffering from a lack of qualified personnel. The IT industry is among them. Experts shared with the audience the latest practices, offer an insider’s perspective and provide practical solutions for business in matters concerning HR. Speakers specifically address the following topics: ‘Interim employment’ as a measure to support employees When and why senior executives bear liability The new practical meaning of remote work What to expect from government institutions and how to respond ‘Freezing’ of human resources and whether or not this is stopping business Special benefits for IT companies and their qualified specialists
20 May 2022
ALRUD defends interests of major transnational company in labour dispute with election commission member
Experts of ALRUD Labour Practice provided comprehensive support to a multinational mobile technologies leader in a complicated project involving an employee being terminated due to redundancy in one of Russia’s regions. The employee tried to delay his dismissal as long as possible and repeatedly exploited his rights. He filed for sick leave on numerous occasions, became a member of the election commission with a decisive vote, avoided correspondence, and got the Prosecutor’s Office to represent his interests. Following a seven-month downsizing procedure, the employee was terminated, which he appealed in court with a lawsuit filed by the Prosecutor’s Office. Given his status as a member of the election commission, the employee claimed in court that he was terminated due to discrimination and political reasons. The ALRUD team successfully defended the Company’s interests in court, which confirmed the legality and correctness of the staff reduction. The ALRUD team that worked on the case under the guidance of ALRUD Partner and Head of the Labour and Employment practice Irina Anyukhina included ALRUD Of Counsel Anastasia Petrova, Senior Associate Margarita Egiazarova, and Associate Ekaterina Bronitsyna.
28 April 2022
Best Lawyers 2022 recommends Anastasia Petrova for Labor and Employment Law.
The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East&Africa 2021 recommends Anastasia Petrova for Employment.
Who’s Who Legal,Global Leader Labour & Employment 2021 recommends Anastasia Petrova as a leading practitioner.
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